Reasons to live in Colombo

Colombo is the heart of the country, the economic center, the entertainment hub and everything else.

Living in Colombo is the best as it has everything you need. There are many Apartments for Rent in Havelock City that you can consider during your next short visit to the country. Here are some facts about Colombo that makes it the best place to reside in, be it permanent or temporary.

Exotic architecture

From the 17th-century Old Dutch Hospital, to the Cargills department store, built in 1906 and red Mosque in Pettah, Colombo is home to some beautiful architectural monuments that still stand strong till this day.


The airport is just 33kms and an hour’s ride away if you take the highway. It is convenient for travel, business, leisure, shopping and in close proximity to everything you would need. You can also access Colombo’s business center, libraries, embassies, government authorities and other important departments, to get your work done quickly.

Good Community

Colombo is home to businessmen and their families, professionals, expats and other segments of the population. In Colombo, you will never feel lonely for one second. If you are the type that enjoys living in the city, then Colombo is the best place for you.  

Good schools

If you have kids, then the best place to live in is Colombo as it houses some of the best schools, universities and institutions to study in. From reputed Government Schools, to ultra modern International Schools, Colombo has it all.

Easy Commuting

If you do not have your own transport, worry not. It’s easy to hail a cab or a tuk- tuk in Colombo or you could even hop on a bus or train easily. You can easily get to the extreme ends of Colombo using shortcuts and back roads.

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